Things I would like to have...


If you have any of these items for sale, mail me!


Original Software

I'm looking for all affordable original software, but to complete my Konami collection, I'm especially looking for the following games, or parts of them (box or manual). ("×" means that I'm still missing it and thus am looking for it!)

RC-704 Frogger ××
RC-707 Konami's Mahjong ××
RC-713 Magical Tree ××
RC-716 Cabbage Patch Kids ××
RC-724 Konami's Baseball  ×
RC-741 Synthesizer×××
RC-755 Konami's Game Master 2 ××
RC-758 Salamander × 
RC-768 Space Manbow×××
RC-769 Quarth ××
HBS-G002C Juno First×××
RA-002 King's Valley×××
RA-004 The Snatcher×××
RA-007 Game Collection 2×××
RA-008 Game Collection 3×××
RA-010 Game Collection Special×××
RA-011 Super Deform Snatcher×××



This is the software I'd like to have... If you have some of these, please mail me and tell me where I can find it. If you have it yourself, upload it to FUNet, and mail me that you did this, so I can immediately download it! Thanks in advance! And... don't think that I already have it in the meantime... Then I'd have updated the list.

When I receive a game (or other software), I'll upload it to FUnet. After I checked it out at home, I'll erase it from the list.

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