Things I would like to sell!

Please read this first!

Check out the stuff I'd like to sell here! Don't hesitate to mail me if you would like to buy something of it! Of course you can also trade it for other MSX stuff... Check out what I have on the collection page, and mail me your offer!


Original cartridge software

When the last column says `trade', I will only trade for other MSX items.

Game/Prog box manual cart remark
Family Boxing (Sony) 90% 90% 90% MSX2
Track & Field 2 75% none 90% (JP!)
Eddy II (HAL) 90% none 95%
Crazy Train (Sony/Konami) 70% 90% (punch holes) 95%, but became darker
Hyper Rally (Konami) 70% (spine is sunfaded) 80% 95%
Athletic Land (Konami) 70% (spine is sunfaded) none 95%
Monkey Academy (Konami) 70% (spine is sunfaded) 80% (punch holes) 95%
Game Master 2 (Konami) none none none
MSX-Logo (Philips) 85% 95% 90%
MSX-Logo (Philips) None None 90%

Original other software/stuff

Name box manual remark
MemMan Ontwikkeldisk doesn't exist disk
MSX Mozaïek disk 35 n.a. n.a. disk
Quasar disk 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 n.a. n.a. disks
Konami Quiz 2 Promo (Deltasoft) none none disk
TurboR Karaktersets (M.A.D.) none none disk
Philips disk Serial Interface NMS 1210/1211/1212 none none disk
Philips Ease none probably disk
Philips Home Office/Designer none Designer manual disk
Vacuumania yes yes tape
Lazer Bykes yes yes tape
Basic cursus MSX (Softworld) yes no tape
Zaxxon (Philips) no no tape only
6-in-één (Philips) no no tape only
Polar Star (Toshiba/Microcabin) yes yes tape
International Karate (Endurance Games) yes yes tape
BASIC MSX (Softworld) yes yes tape
Blagger (Alligata) yes yes tape
Stop the Express (Hudson Soft) yes yes tape
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects) yes yes tape
Barnstormer (Electric Software) yes yes tape
Basicode 3 (Kluwer) yes yes tape (writing on cover)
Shit! (Premium III) yes no tape
Pac-Man (Bug-Byte) yes no no tape, box only



Ok, that's all! Mail me if you're interested!

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