Things I would like to sell!

Please read this first!

Check out the stuff I'd like to sell here! Don't hesitate to mail me if you would like to buy something of it! Of course you can also trade it for other MSX stuff... Check out what I have on the collection page, and place a bid! The minimum bid or the current high bid is behind the item. Prices in euros (€). Note that you can only bid for individual items, otherwise I can not compare the bids, so don't bid one amount of money on more than one item at once! So, no combi-bids please... (except for books and magazines)


For specs (and the pictures (again)) look in The Ultimate MSX FAQ, hardware list section.

Original software (cartridges!)

Bids are now accepted, except when the last column says `trade'. Also trade offers are still welcome and even preferred.

Game/Prog box manual cart min. bid
Usas 80% 85% 80% (tape on it)trade
Usasnonenone90%, name scratched in label€ 15
Maze of Galious (JP)nonenone90%€ 20
Track & Field 275%none90% (JP!)15
Dorodonnone90% (punch holes)95%, but front side became darker€ 10


Original software (other stuff)

Bids are now accepted. Also trade offers are still welcome.

Name box manual remark(Min.)bid
Pumpkin Adventure IIIdoesn't exist70% (dirty front!)disks: 90%€ 5
Philips Home Officenonesee belownone€ 1
Philips Designer Plusdoesn't existnonenone€ 1


Books and docs

These are also all free. Please tell me you want:

Original software

Ok, that's all! Mail me if you're interested, and place a bid!

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