Games - finished (playing) and highscores

In this section there's a big egotrip (thanks to the Futuredisk for repetitively giving me the idea I should use this word), because here I'll mention the games I finished/completed/beat (take your pick) and some highscores too... To be complete, I also mention my brothers high-scores, because some are rather impressive. (Way to go, Jochen!)

Anyway, this is the probably incomplete list (in random order) of finished games:

Some high-scores by me: Some games my brother Jochen did (only the ones worth mentioning, high-score and if no score is mentioned he probably finished the game (yeah, he's pretty good!)): Some high-scores we didn't know who of us did (either me, my brother Jochen or my sister Joyce) and the Columns scores: Note: these scores I got without any cheats...! I have tried not to make typing mistakes, and of course I've been honest. If you don't believe me, that's your problem... I don't have any proof of course.
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