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In this section I'll tell you a bit about the fairs I visited. I visit MSX fairs since 1993 (Tilburg). I have visited every Tilburg fair since then. I don't remember when I started visiting the "Zandvoort" fairs also... I think it was 1995 or 1996. Then I visited a fair in Almelo once, I think it was in 1997. And the little fair of MSX-NBNO in 1999 (or was that 1998). Anway, below are the reports I wrote after some of the fairs:

I've been in Zandvoort at 21 September 1996. The fair was really cosy! Stephan Szarafinski was making a (very long, if you ask me) homevideo.... He said I was the number one champion in playing in his video... ("You should become an actor") He also sent me a screenshot! It's the weirdest he could take, according to Stephan. Take a look at it!

Of course I've alse been in Tilburg '97! That was also very nice... (Can't tell you too much about it, because it would probably double the size of this page.) On the fair, Wammes Witkop took quite some pictures. You can see them on FUNet. To see me on that fair follow this link! Of course I also was at the next big MSX fair in The Netherlands: Zandvoort '97, at 20 September! See the MAL! I also visited the Tilburg 1998 fair. Again: pictures are on FUNet. On 19th september 1998, I visited the Zandvoort '98 MSX fair, see this picture (where I'm posing for Mari v/d Broek's camera, looking at F-Nano) and this picture (where I got between Tristan Zondag and Patriek Lesparre when Mari tried to take a picture of them).

And then: Tilburg 1999! In a new location, and I had a booth with Ruud v/d Moosdijk, where we sold Arranger IV and Arranger Gold! Wynke Stulemijer and Gerald Stap made the pictures. Wynke and a lot of other people are on the Undernet IRC channel #msx quite often. This is a pic of the most frequent chatters there. You can see there standing from left to right: Anne de Raad (Latok), Mike Dammer (Dynamike), Pascal Oldenzeel (Girian), Bart Roymans (Low Profile), Tristan Zondag (Omega) and before him Wynke Stulemeijer (Yady), Jerome Borsboom (Hinotori), Patriek Lesparre, me (Quintus), Frederik Boelens (Chaos), Jori Seidel (D-Fader), and sitting: Ruud v/d Moosdijk (MrRudi), Bas Wijnen (shevek), Pepijn Stulemeijer (Quickzand). To be short: it was fun! Finally, I also want to thank Martin Krooshof, Erik Maas and Maico Arts for making it all possible.

Next fair! It was Zandvoort '99, but held in Bussum! I sold Arranger IV again. I was planning to sell Arranger Gold for Ruud, but at the fair we discovered that the cd's were bad, somehow! I still don't understand that... (Ruud things the equalizer-settings may have been taken over by the recorder or something...) here you can see me behind my booth. This time I again have to thank people for making it possible: Erik Maas, Iwein van Caelenberg, Ruud v/d Moosdijk, Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans and Chris Dams. And of course: thanks Jaap! (And Laurens!)

Next there was a very small fair: Oss MSX 2000 fair... (15th of January) The first fair of the year 2000. It was, as I said, small, but again very cosy. I got my Sony HB-G900P back from Erik Maas, who had built in a Z80H and an 8MHz oscillator... Yes, now my MSX can run on 8MHz, instead of 3.5! Furthermore, I bought some old books and cassette games... That was about it. For the evidence I was there, look at this, this and this picture.

And then it was time for the International MSX Fair in Tilburg again! It was a superb fair this time (15th April 2000). Quite some new software was released and I had a booth to demonstrate MCCW on (thanks to Pierre Gielen, Arjan Steenbergen and Alex Wulms for bringing pc-equipment!). Again it was a very busy day! Afterwards we went to a Chinese restaurant in Tilburg to have dinner, together with the MCCM crew. It was really a great day. Maybe I'll add some pics later... (check out the pics on FUNet!)

Another very interesting fair (or actually event) I visited was MSX Den-Yu Land 2000 in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan, 26th of August! I was in Japan for my internship and took my chance to visit this fair. There was a presentation of Mr. Nishi of ASCII corporation about the future of MSX (revival!), but that was in Japanese of course. Furthermore, there were some booths (not so many...) with interesting things like a MSX1 in one chip by ESE. Later there was a presentation of a group that is making some popular Playstation game called `One' (or something) for MSX. After that, there was another presentation of Mr. Yamashita, the hardware designer for the MSX system. He talked about some kind of platform (Elate) for an MSX emulator. Anyway, more information can be found via MSX Magazine's website, use a translator like to get English. On the fair I made a lot of photographs (thanks to Mr. Inaba), which can be seen on FUNet. There should be (coming) a full report in MCCW 93.

If you want to know when the next MSX fair is, it might be wise to visit the MSX Fairlist.

(Note that after this fair, I haven't updated this page anymore. I did visit all major Dutch MSX fairs though!)

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