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Yes! It's true! Since about June 1998, I started collecting everything with an MSX logo on it! So if you have some MSX stuff for sale (low priced of course) or just want to donate something for my MSX collection, please mail me! Thanks in advance! I even put a message on the "Wanted" page of NOS-Teletekst (page 404), which is the Teletext page of the Dutch public tv channels. Unfortunately the ad was in the middle of Backstreet Boys and Kelly Family ads.... Here it is:

[Wanted - NOS Teletekst p. 404 19/07/1999]
Part of hardware collection in attic
This is a picture of a part of my MSX hardware collection that is in the attic of my parental house. You should be able to find the items back in the list below. The picture is made in early 2003.
Part of software collection in attic
This is a picture of the biggest part of my MSX software collection which is in a cupboard in my parental house. You should be able to find the items back in the list below, too. Note that a lot of it is behind other boxes in this cupboard. This picture is also of early 2003.

Large parts of my collection are contributed by other people. Here's a list of them:

A great, great, thank you to all of you!

Now, here follows my current collection:

MSX hardware






Original disks

Original cassette tapes

(this list is probably not entirely complete!)


All books are in Dutch, unless mentioned otherwise...
♣: without proper cover
♠: retired library book (ugly)
(for both of these I look for a better copy!)

Special stuff

Flyers, promotional material

Promotional stickers

Miscellaneous software manuals

Hardware Manuals

Philips software manuals

Service manuals/Repair Methods

Of course I also have a lot of other stuff! I really collect everything with an MSX logo on it, or with the lettercombination 'MSX' in it! Things not mentioned before are e.g. newspapers with messages about MSX. I hope you can help me!

Also don't forget to mail me when you have magazines that I don't have yet! I'd really like to buy them!

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