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First some history. This page was online on the studs:8888-server as of 18-09-1996 (DD-MM-YY), thanks to Joost! But since this server was pretty illegal, I moved to a new legal server via my study-association. I've been online on that server since about July 1998 (somewhere in the middle of the World Championship soccer). Then, when I graduated from University, I moved my pages: as of 08-04-2001 I'm online on another new server! You can now get on my pages via! With many thanks to Sean Young and the maintainers of Atlantis (Ben, Goran, thanks!).

So if you got here via another server, switch to the new one, and update your boomarks/links and/or inform the webmaster of the page with the link to it. Thank you!

There is a new visitor-counter now! It's from NedStat.. Here it is:


Visitors, please send me some reactions.... I'd really appreciate that!

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