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Curriculum Vitae Manuel Bilderbeek

(last updated in April 2001)

Personal details

Name:Manuel Bilderbeek
Date of birth:May 18th, 1977
E-mail: manuel@msxnet.org


1995-2001University of Nijmegen (KUN)
(Applied) Physics
1988-1995 Zeldenrustcollege Terneuzen
Secondary Education, VWO.

Work Experience

1998-2000Demonstrating Pascal to second-year students
1999-2001Final project in the group of Prof. Th. Rasing, dpt. of Experimental Solid State Physics.
Title of the Master's Thesis: ``A study of the physical properties of high density Magneto-Optical media - Why does MAMMOS (`Magnetically AMplified Magneto-Optical System') work?''
This project includes a 3 1/2 months internship at Hitachi-Maxell Ltd. in Japan (June-September 2000).
Relevant courses for this topic I completed are: Optics and Lasers, Laser Techniques, Solid State Physics, Materials Science, Introduction to Workshop Techniques

Other Experience

1996-nowEditor WWW-pages
1999-nowEditor in chief of an MSX Webmagazine
1997 Course in Teacher Training in Physics, including internship on a school
1998-2000Member of WWW-committee of our study-association Marie Curie
1998Management of Research: short management course to get familiar with management of research
1997Algorithms and Data Structures: an extra programming course, always useful, especially since my hobby is computer related

Additional Skills

Computing: Extensive experience of Unix/X-windows, MS-DOS, Internet, HTML, LaTeX, Turbo Pascal and BASIC. Also some experience of MatLab, shell programming (bash/tcsh), XML, CSS, C, MS Windows (3.11, 95, 98) and some applications like LabView
Languages:English (fluently)
1996Driver's licence
Course 1988-1989Typing

Hobbies and interests

MSX (1985-now)My biggest hobby: these old 8-bit computers (programming, playing, collecting)
Korfbal Typical Dutch team-sport (12 years)
Power kiting