What I wrote concerning MSX

Yeah, you won't believe this, but I wrote an article once, concerning MSX! Cool, huh!? It was published on ROM #2 and in XSW-Magazine 4. It's an article about Erix, one of the best RS-232 communicationprograms on MSX, written by Erik Maas...

In 1997 I wrote an article for MCCM about the libraries for Turbo Pascal made by Kari. It was published in MCCM 90 (final number, about 1800 copies). I also wrote a little article about IRC for the same magazine... but Frank didn't publish it (as far as I can see now, maybe it's on the CD's....) Err, reconsidered: it's not on the CD's. Frank told me he planned to put it on the webpage of MCCM. However, this will most likely never happen, since the web site is pretty dead.

And, of course, since I became the editor in chief of MCCW, I also wrote some small texts for that. Too bad we didn't have the resources to publish since 2000...

That's all folks....!

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