MSX software and stuff


Home made stuff:
(pictures, Turbo Pascal programs, (still) one ML program and a MoonBlaster song)

(The picture you can see here, is the (old) Allosoft logo... It's drawn in 1994 or so in Philips' Designer Plus (screen 8). If you want to see it bounce: check out stuiter.lzh)

If you download any of this software, will you please send me your comments?? (In that way it's also nice for me to put software on the page, if I get no response I'll just take it away....)

Turbo Pascal stuff:
(by Kari Lammassaari, mostly)

This software is rather untested... So, it may contain bugs! When I get new (i.e. untested) INC-files and/or testprograms from Kari, I put them immediately on this page. That way, you can always help us testing! If there are bugs, report them to Kari (or me). Corrections will be published as soon as possible... (I hope, I haven't heard from Kari in a long while! I hope he is still alive. I guess no new TP stuff from him, though... :-() See below for the newest files and updates! (Also for all the files in one archive!)

ADVICE: download "allincs.lzh", "allpasfl.lzh", "all*.lzh" (see below) to get the newest and updated files! These contain the latest stuff, and all in a few packages!

Another note: if you don't have Turbo Pascal, see the "other stuff" section...

I took away some old stuff, if you want them, just download the all*.lzh files! Again: it's all in there.

Still missing is a small game called Kink (was submitted to the Futuredisk, but they seem to have dropped dead; instead I donated it to the MSX Resource Center, check their downloads section) and a Laserbykes/Tron clone (finished, but doesn't have any sounds and a cool font yet). This stuff may be added to this page in the future. :-)

Other stuff:

NOTE ON THE HOMEMADE SOFTWARE: I'm not responsible for any damage due to this software! Most of this software is not finished yet, but to have at least SOME home-made software on my page I put it on it anyway... So try it out, and let me know what you think about it! If you think I really need help, help me! The software is written by me, and some stuff (like some drawings) by my brother Jochen. Allosoft is the name of a one-member-group, i.e. me... I've designed a nicer logo but haven't drawn it yet. Oh yeah: some texts (like comments) are in Dutch, but I don't think that will bother anyone.

Another note: The software is public domain, but only the original files may be copied. It is not allowed to change anything in the software (unless you don't spread the adjusted copy), without my permission. Everything of "Homemade Stuff" is © Allosoft (see "Info and stuff").

Final note: Some of my own software is getting rather old... Nowadays I'm much better (I hope!?). Especially in Pascal programming (see Allosoft). However, as you can see from the dates: I haven't been programming a lot in Pascal since 1998... At the moment I'm trying to make some stuff in Hi-Tech C, together with Eric Boon. The cool bash scripts we have written to do this in Linux can be downloaded from UZIX web site, see the UZIX 2.0 Download page over there.

Text © 1996-2004 by Allosoft (see at "Info and stuff")

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