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At the moment I'm quite busy with my education and stuff.... (This was very fruitful: I got 49 "studiepunten" in my second year! WOW!) But in the weekends I find some time though! At the moment I'm concentrating totally on Pascal programming, because it's very easy (like BASIC, but then it's much easier to see the structure of the program) and the compiler produces machine language. I also programmed a bit in assembler lately, but I find that you have to go to too much trouble to get something done, yeah I really prefer Pascal. I hardly haven't got time anymore to program in BASIC.... But who cares, Pascal is much cooler! I'm looking for the IDEAL libraries for TP 3.00.. at the moment, but I think the ones from Kari Lammassaari are very good, I use these most of the time (actually, all the time). If you want to take a look at them, look above at "Software". There you can download them! But remember, they're brand new, and not tested very thoroughly yet.

Anyway, I really would like to be in a software team or something... That seems much more fun than working alone on some silly little project. (HINT!)

Oh, another thing: I wrote "stuiter" in pure ml... see the log! At least, I made an attempt to do it... More info later. (It almost works!)

For a more up-to-date picture of my activities, see my MSX Activities Log (MAL)!

Latest news: Ruud van de Moosdijk and me released the musicdisk "Arranger IV" on Tilburg! We didn't get it totally finished (the Program play option is not functional) and also discovered some bugs in it. Therefore, we will release an update. Since Ruud will be on holidays for some time, it will be released not before half June. When it's finished, you can download it from this page, or maybe we'll only e-mail it. We still have to decide about that. Anyway: send us e-mail! We also discovered that some disks have been badly copied... If your disk gives problems (Disk I/O error/Disk Offline), please mail us too!

Well, in the meantime, we finished the update. Mail me if you still have the old version, then I'll make sure you get the new one: version 1.1. This time the Program Play option is enabled, loading times are a bit shorter and a lot of bugs were removed. As far as we know, there is still one bug in it, but we couldn't fix it. It's nothing special though. If you see going something wrong with the cursor-bar, just swap pages and it's gone... The new version of Arranger IV was sold at the Bussum/Zandvoort fair 1999. To check if you have the new version, just push the "info" button in Arranger IV. Note that Arranger IV is not, I repeat, NOT Public Domain! The copyright is on me! :-) (So please don't upload, copy or spread the disk(-image). Thanks.

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