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If you wonder who or what "Allosoft" is... Stop it: it's just me.

If you have any comments or hints regarding the set-up of this page, please contact me! Also if you want to ask something about MSX! I know a lot of MSX people, or at least their ADDRESSes....
No matter what: let me know what you think of this page! (See the Page Statistics part, for example!)

My e-mail ADDRESS is:

Snailmail and phonenumber(s):

Madame Curiestraat 85
4532 JX Terneuzen
Telephone: +31-115-697132
(most weekends)


Oude Groenewoudseweg 210-2
6524 WC Nijmegen
Telephone: +31-24-3238923
(most weekdays)
For discussion, you can sometimes find me on IRC-channel #msx on an undernet server, e.g. or! Talk to you there! (Or via the phone...)

If you don't know what MSX is, read The Ultimate MSX FAQ! It should all be there...

If you're really interested in MSX, you should take a subscription to the MSX Mailing List. For info, see the bookmarkspage. You could also look in the newsgroup comp.sys.msx for... news! As said above, you can also join the channel #msx on an Undernet IRC server.

Note that this site is updated frequently. That's because I think a site is never finished: I keep it improving whenever I think it can be better. In fact, normally it's updated more frequently, especially the bookmarks, Collection page and of course the For Sale/Trade page.

Some people complain that this page doesn't have that much of graphics (like pictures and incredible backgrounds etc.). They're right, but I can't help it: I have quite limited disk space for this page, so there isn't much room for a lot of graphical data... Sorry!

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