NOTE: this is mostly a very outdated list of (mostly) MSX sites. Use for historical purposes only! It's quite worthless!

Bookmarks for Manuel Bilderbeek

For MSX links, see below!

General Stuff

AltaVista: Translations
Nice text and page translator, handy for reading French or Spanish pages in English!
BBC Online - Star Trek
Nice Star Trek page of the BBC!
De Telefoongids - PTT Telecom
Telephone guide of The Netherlands
Gouden Gids online
Online Yellow Pages of The Netherlands
Learn Japanese online...
Merriam-Webster OnLine - Dictionary - Thesaurus - Word of the Day - Word Games - Word for the Wise
The site to be if you want to look up an English word! > Electronic
Music I like!
NS Reisinfo
For planning trips by train in the NL.
Openbaar Vervoer Reisinformatie v.o.f.
From address to address with public transportation in The Netherlands!!
PTT-POST tariefinformatie
To find out shipement costs...!
Get paid to receive e-mails, up to 1 US$ per day...
Shift-JIS Table
Star Trek: Hypertext
Nice reviews of Star Trek episodes!
The Belgarath Silverthorn Star Trek Domain Database
Nice info on Star Trek!! (Wow, great!)
TV Gids
TV-Guide for Dutch television!
Welcome To!
Great site if you need to locate a certain city/street in the entire world!
You can make money by placing banners on your site...
Check it out!
XBlast Home Page
Great game for X-windows!!
A. Inaba's homepage. Including some photographs he and I took when I was in Japan! Check his album! (Maybe you can use one of those translation sites to browse in English...)

Pages controlled by me

Aurora on WWW
Manuel Bilderbeek's Bookmarks
Manuel Bilderbeek's (Personal) Home Page (Main page)
When CJB.NET gives trouble, try the long URL:
Manuel Bilderbeek's MSX page
When CJB.NET gives trouble, try the long URL:
The Ultimate MSX FAQ - Main
Everything you'd ever like to know about MSX!


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Manuel's MSX-bookmarks

MSX (demo)-groups/developers/organisations

.-=[TwZ homepage]=-.
The homepage of TeddyWareZ... The quite new group! Info about products (SCC-BLAFFER e.g.) and a PD musicdisk for download!
^NeM^'s Web
In Catala, Castella and English! Under intensive construction
Ademir Carchano
In Portuguese. Info about ACE and other MSX projects.
ASCAT English page.
Software and info (MSX Technical Guidebook)
Asociacion Amigos del MSX
Great page of Spanish users
Aurora on WWW
Produced a couple of great demos for MSX1...! Check them out now!
Carchano Import Export Ltd.
Page of Ademir Carchano. Nice info about some Brazillian MSX products like ADVRAM and more!
CJS-emulator HomePage (OFFLINE?)
The MSX2 emulator from Groningen. But now it seems to be offline?
Cobra Software
From Brasil! (NO English!)
Compjoetania TNG
Nice page of this active renewed group
CPU HomePage
The makers of MSX-DOS 2.4
CTRL+Break homepage - MSX -
Free software for download: Cosmogang DE Puzzle and Dead or Live
Cybernetic HQ
Cybersoft homepage
This group is also active on the MSX scene
Delta Softs Home Page
Delta-Z Home Page - Index -
Japanese? (According to Takamichi, there must be an English version too (where?))
DPV , Silence & SiBas Homepage
Nice page.
Drivers for fMSX with any X-terminal
fMSX-for-Unix support from Arnold Metselaar
ESE Artists' Factory unofficial home page (The page of 'ESE')
Unofficial homepage of ESE Artists' Factory (you know the MEGA-SCSI??)
ESE Artists' Factory unofficial home page (The page of 'ESE')
Saibara's version! with loads of utilities and documentation for ESE products!
FONY - International Headquarters
Homebase of FONY...
Fudeba MSX Home Page
With info on Breeze and some software
G&T International Cooperation Workshop
Much info about translations! All Takamichi's work's here.
G&T International Cooperation Workshop
The Mirror-site, fast to access from Europe!
Genuine Network International (OFFLINE again?)
The page of GENet, with software! (English page is gone..)
Page seems to be offline again...
GW's Workshop
With homemade MSX software and info and more.
Hypnotic City project main page
I.C.M. Group
ICMiri home
Work in progress of the new group born in italy by the fusion of ICM & Miri
izemjef - msx
New site of a small group that may actually program something in the future ;-)
MSX - JJC Soft site
Old software from this user and some more
Kenda Software Team
Back online!
Lieves!Tuore MSX Homepage
Cool homepage of makers of cool MSX1 demo's!
Download them there!
Main Page of Frits Hilderink
Info on his new MSX emulator (NLMSX) and soon on Turbo Pascal 3.3
Meusesoft Home Page
Contains some nice programs from Meusesoft
MSX Club GIGAMIX Homepage
English site has gone... Use translation site.
MSX info page by Joost Klootwijk
Info about the TCP/IP-MSX project of Joost Klootwijk (and a lot more info!)
MSX Italia (Miri Software)
MSX SPIEL.SYS Operation System
Some kind of OS to start games with...
MSX Studies homepage
Great new homepage!! (Go and see now!)
MUG-BR - MSX Underground Group of Brazil
Mundo MSX (Daniel Zorita's MSX Web)
Page of the programmer of Sir Dan...
Japanese page with software
Near Dark _ Homepage
New page! Near Dark info and downloads will follow...
Novatec Home Page
The Center of Russian MSX software development. (Including the Audio Wave disks!)
NWO HomePage
HomePage of this Dutch demogroup, who also develops MoonBlaster for Moonsound now! Check it out!
Okei's Homepage
With a FAT16 driver for MEGASCSI and more!
OMNISOFT MoonSound Homesite
MSX and PC page, Moonsound stuff.
Paragon Productions
The homepage of Paragon Productions, with info on Dome, a Dune II clone for MSX2 (updated regularly)
Parallax Homepage
Updated info about "Core Dump", their newest game! (According to Cas (and I think I believe him!) this will be the nicest action adventure game ever made for MSX2!)
Parn's Music Station
Pear Software
Three guys making MSX software. Get a free musicdisk!
Spanish page of Pikademo (member is e.g. Plot)
Programmers' Affair - Entrance
Qujain's MSX page -english-
With free home-made software!
Shevek's Homepage - MSX Computers
Very small page, but this guy is making a game: check it out!
SOLiD page: MSX corner (OFFLINE!)
MSX page of SOLiD! With great software like pr, MiSiX, etc. Check it out!
Seems to be moved to the Novatec page.. (see above)
Sunrise Home PAGE [INDEX]
This is the HomePage of the people who make GFX9000/Moonsound... It's online at last! Pay a visit!
You can also report your hardware problems in their messageboard!
Surrec's HomePage
There should be a homepage of this MSX group here...
Tarosan Homepage (OFFLINE?)
Japanese Homepage, but:
should be a ROM file loader for MSX....
TEMPEST: Products For MSX
Ex-MSX software developpers from Japan, known from "Be Bop Bout".
The French group which makes nice games!
Info on this company. Products (a.o.): Navarone RGB-SCART converter, M.A.T., MSX software development (e.g. MSX Coin-Op game!)
The MSX World (of Boevesoft)/MSX Software Site Holland
The New Image MSX Homepage
Updated info about their new game...
TPM.CO homepage
Page in Japanese, but with a downloadable sample of a MSX1 Animation Adventure!
TRIPLE M's homepage
Info on old products of TripleM, like MMM Combi, MCeq junior and more.
Also songs and MIDI stuff!
Trunks' Homepage
Homepage with some nice software (Including LOADROM! A program to Run ROM files on MSX!)
(under construction, download a Pumpkin Adventure 3-promo here!)
Seems it has disappeared...!
Viento Sur (Boh.Ken)
Info about the Spanish group Boh.Ken (KPI-Ball, PuddleLand, etc.)
Warau MSX Home Page
JAM's web... Legacy!

Personal MSX pages

A.P. Wulms's main index page
Homepage of this well-known MSX guy... (Member of Quadrivium and Xelasoft)
AdrianPage vr. 0.99 - The MSX Page
With quite some softwares! And UZIX...
Akop's MSX page
WIth news, music, files, cheats and MSXBoard
Alexey Podrezov's HomePage
Contains a lot of games, and also textbrowser support! Under construction, but very nice.
Alfred Laussegger's MSX Seite
In German.
Andrea Gennari
With a small English and Italian MSX section.
Benny's MSX page
Also a collector.
Charin's MSX Homepage
Cyberknight Home Page
With some software, like the great Yawara music replayer!
David Heremans's MSX page...
Cool URL! All kinds of info on David Heremans and MSX.
Also a very thorough description how one could make DOOM-like games on MSX! Try it out!
Denio's Place
Small page in Dutch, with some MSX stuff
Diego Milln Homepage
Nice homepage! Now under reconstruction.
Enrico Barbisan's MSX page
Screenshots of MSX games and download.
Exyll's WWW Plaza
Including MSX section
Fabrice Cantin's MSX page
MSX page in French!
Fabrice Farlay's MSX page
With some pictures and software
FB homepage
MSX section
Freddy Vulto's MSX page (MSX-C)
With Manuals for MSX-C! And some programs
Galilei's Fundgrube - Das MSX-Archiv
Soon in Dutch and English... Now in German.
Gerald's MSX page
Giovanni's MSX page
No English....
Hans Otten's MSX page
Small page, but nice. Info about Philips NMS-8280, SVI X'Press, MIDI, screen 12, MSX2PC graphics, Pascal.
Now you can also download Turbo Pascal 3.3, legally!
Harri Meriruoko's homepage
MSX page of a Finnish MSX user (under reconstruction)
Helger's MSX Page
Henrik Gilvad's MSX & PSX page.
Herbert's MSX Page
Info about the Snatcher-translation project
HighFive's Homepage
The page is being renewed...
HIROSHI.T 's MSX English page
Let's do 3D modelling on MSX!
Iwein's Homepage (MSX-Freak)
A fellow collector!
Jordi Segura's MSX Page
English version!
Jose Luis MSX Homepage
In Spanish, looks nice.
Josep F. Hervas's MSX Page
Spanish page of Jose Ramon
Josha Beukema's MSX page
Small page.
Klaas de Wind's MSX page
Unfortunately I have to say that Klaas de Wind passed away on February 17th 1999... My sincere condolances to anyone who feels himself addressed.
On this page you can read the final WWW-words of Klaas.
Konami Man's MSX page
English homepage of Konami-Man, who's making some nice Basic extension... Also available: MSX2 Technical Handbook.
With info on X-TAZY!
Laurens Holst's MSX Homepage
With Datax info
Lucky's MSX PAGE
English version of a Japanese! Contains software section with a lot of very nice software!
M@clei - MSX
MSX page of a Brasilian MSX user (in Portuguese!)
Maarten ter Huurne's MSX page
Maarten ter Huurne's MSX page (a member of Mayhem). With English Solid Snake info!
MAGGOO's MSX homepage
Nice page of this Abyss member!
Makuta's Home Page in English
Homepage of a Japanese MSXer, with some software
Manuel Bilderbeek's MSX page
My own humble MSX page... (Pay a visit!)
Renewed! (When CJB.NET gives trouble, try )
Marcel de Kogel's Homepage
With a nice Colecovision emulator for MSX! (And a lot of other interesting stuff!)
Marcelo's HP - MSX
Games, gamesolutions, FM technicals
No English!
Marco's MSX Page
Maurizio's MSX Home Page
Very nice page of Maurizio who founded a MSX2+ fanclub in Italy!
MSX and Volvo: Raymond Hoogerdijk's pages
Including MSX-fairlist!!! CHECK IT OUT!
MSX by Marcelo Eiras
(Sorry for this, Brasillian users!)
MSX by Ulver CK
Cheat hints...
MSX computer mania - Toni Siira's MSX page
The MSX page of the Finnish guy...!
MSX Game Music Page
MSX homecomputer page of Rudolf Lechleitner
He's working on a SUPER MSX emulator, with Turbo R support! The very nice thing is that you can download a release now!!
MSX Homepage of Marat Fayzullin
Marat's MSX Homepage
MSX SECTION of Yoyo's Homepage
Nice page with a lot of software!
MSX web de DJTENSO ( M.A.P. )
Niclas MSX page
nf_ban - Business Card
Main site of Takashi Kobayashi of Gigamix.
NYYRIKKI's MSX software corner
Omega's pages - Portal
Check out the Moonsound songs of the FUNet MSX maintainer!
Patrick's MSX stuff
Small page with some software and a DOS2 DIY!
Peter Verhaars MSX collection
Some MSX machines with pictures.
Plot's Page
Spanish HomePage
Poderoso's Home Page
Remco's MSX page
Highscores, emulator tester, more?
Ricardo Bittencourt's MSX Page
Another Brasillian page
Rictad's MSX Home Page
English page gone?
Some game hints and cheats
Homepage of Jan van Valburg, ex-MSX programmer. The page also contains MIDI-files of MSX games!
Saibara(Isao Nishihara)'s home page (In English)
Sean Young's Home Page (MSX NET)
A guy with with more than one MSX ;-) who wrote Virtual MSX! With a almost complete Konami Game List!
Serge S. Bityukov's MSX page (OFFLINE!)
MSX page disappeared?
Site Koume
MSX section disappeared!
SOR's Home Page
Japanese homepage, with MSX section and lots of MGS files to download!
Stefano Fronteddu's Home Page
Tatsu's MSX researches
Mainly Japanese!
TBM's Home Page
The Home of MSX
Page of Vladimir Malaquias with MIDI files of MSX games and ROM images
The homepage of Erik Maas
The Red Devil's MSX page
Founder of The Ultimate MSX FAQ!
Tjipke's MSX Pages
MSX Page of Tjipke v/d Plaats
Totally Chaos MSX Homepage
With MSX-INFO BLAD info.
Victor's MSX Page
New page with software, a list of MSX software on the net, and info about Konami games
Welcome to homepage of Saku T. Taipale
With very interesting MSX section. This guy has a lot of very nice and rare MSX stuff!
Zoran Majcenic's MSX page
Only one thing: MSX Tape Loader, to convert sampled MSX tapes to disk-files. With Linux source.

FTP sites

FTP site of MSX Veendam
FUNet FTP site
FUNet FTP site, via the World Wide Web!
Get to FUNet without FTP access!
Glasnet FTP site (Russia) - MSX department
The FTP-site of Egor Vosnessenski
HR&O Polytechnic FTP-server - MSX directory
Enormous FTP-site, with docs, sources and lots of software!
Jazz FTP site (Korea) - MSX directory...
Komkon FTP site (USA)
The FTP site of Marat Fayzullin
Kristian Sgi's MSX directory on some Estonian FTP server
MSX directory of some Spanish FTP site
(FTP site of Facultade de Informatica de A Corun~a)
Pirami FTP Site (Korea)
Lots of games!
Pulsar FTP-site
Riaph FTP site (Russia)
Maximum # of users: 5!! ARGH!
Saitama FTP site (Japan)
With Mirror-archive of most MSX-sites
Trantor FTP site (Dutch)
The FTP-site in Twente, the Netherlands
UCpel FTP site (Brasil)
UMF MSX-MP3 FTP site: Directory of /pub/mp3/MSX Music (Netherlands)
Download some MSX MP3's... but be warned: it's slow.
UnderBBS FTP site
Vishnu FTP site (Brasil)
The MSX directory is moved to Jazz!
Junker's FTP site
Lots of games and emulators.

MSX hard- and software sites

Apoc1997's MSX page (?)
With some software
Arabic MSX HomePage
Informative page about Arabic MSX's
Bombaman homepage
With the latest info about this game!
Big Ben
With some games
Captain Multi Station, the special MSX
Read about this special MSX2!
Chronicle main page
Contains an archive with a huge collection of ROMs and DSKs! LOTS of games!
CP/M 3.0 Files
CP/M 3.0 also for MSX here.
D-MSX - Juegos
No English? Many games...
Development of Graphic Controllers by the FPGA
V9938 in VHDL... Read this, it's in English!
English Metal Gear 2 Developement Committee
Info (again!) on Metal Gear II English!
Some history on MSX and a few games
Gates To Another World!
Japanese MSX page with Might and Magic info!
Goemon Translate Page
Someone is finally translating Goemon!
Goemon's page
Hans Oranje - MSX Hardware Pagina
Several MSX hardwareprojects in Dutch
HCHOF: The Machines
Overview of a lot of old computers, including some MSX machines.
HwB: Connector Menu
Info about several hardware-connectors, including MSX of course.
(Thanks to Arnold Metselaar for the new URL!)
Jeroen's MSX games page
Nice page!
Maegami's MSX page
Japanese (English version gone?), lot's of games
manuXcritos Home Page
No English?
It's about hardwareprojects like connecting a PS2 mouse to MSX.
Mega Rom Table
Metal Gear Net
Site totally dedicated to Metal Gear (also MSX of course!)
Metal Gear Online
Again a site dedicated to Metal Gear, the series...
Moskow 2024
Info on this Matra game!
MSX Database
If you want to find a certain ROM, check this out!
MSX Forum
MSX page with lots of games
MSX Games box
Including a High-scores competition...
MSX Junkies
Games (info, download, hints)
MSX no Brasil
Page in Portuguese (I think)
MSX Rulez (Konami page)
"Konami home page". Some info about Konami, downloads, that kind of stuff.
MSX Software Central
Software distribution site
MSX Super Turbo
Description how to make your MSX work on 7MHz or more!
MSX Tech Doc page
Some technical info about MSX, by Alwin Henseler
MSX Utils
MSX World
Download your favourite MSX games for real MSX! :-)
MSX World2., The Ultimate MSX Page..
Lots of software and game-info.
MSX X'Press
Lots of software: with the old M.E.P. database!
Lots of software.
Lots of stuff for download...
OHJA... MSX! Ohh...
A whole lot of software for download!
Padial OnLine - Desarrollos Hardware para ordenadores MSX
Info about the hardwareprojects of Leonardo Padial. Including Z380!
Possi's Konami MSX Page
A prototype of a new MSX called SAFFARI PARK?
Purple stars: the ultimate MSX games and programs site!!
The name makes you expect more than it is...
Salamander User's Manual
SD-Snatcher for double SCC
Sintech Homepage
Including an MSX section with software
Solid Snake English
Some cute MSX2 games written in XBASIC for download! :-)
The Arranger Homepage
The homepage of the "Arranger" music-disk series!
The New Image - tniASM
The Original Snatcher
Page totally dedicated to Konami's Snatcher on MSX!
Alternative URL:
The Tower of Pin: The Pinball History (1980)
The history of MSX Pinball games
The Yamaha CX5M Music Computer
Tolkien computer games for the MSX
These famous adventures!
UZIX - UNIX Implementation for MSX
Get! Unix for MSX! Including networking!
Welcome to the MSX Game and Tool Site
All programs by Steven van Loef, a quite famous MCM programmer
Zilog Homepage
No comment...

Info & Resources & Links

Active MSX!
Very cool page with news, buy/sale, etc. In Japanese.
arrgh | msx
Some history and stuff
ASCII24 - ޤޤ͵MSXե󤬽MSXͷɡٳ
Report of MSX DEN-YU LAND! In Japanese! On the ASCII pages!
Baboo Japan!
A list of all Japanese MSX-pages in English! And a search-engine to find any MSX page you'd like
Generation MSX
Sandy Pleyte about Compile! Formerly known as Sandy's MSX World
Soon with a lot more info!
ILSE (msx)
Another bunch of MSX-links, from the ILSE-database, a lot can also be found on this page....
Infoseek: The Computer Channel
Infoseek/Computer/Desktop_computers/Classic_computers/MSX_desktop_computers! Or: MSX topics at Infoseek.
Links2Go: MSX
MetalGear's Livestats
Stats of the #msx IRC channel on Undernet!
Japanese only...
MSX history
This page is in RUSSIAN!
MSX links (Japanese)
MSX mailing list information
Info on e.g. how to subscribe to the MSX mailinglist.
MSX Museum (in Japanese). Seems to have a lot of info!
MSX Online
News, forum, polls, links...
MSX Rating System
MSX Revival Project - MSXХХץ
Powered by Baboo! Japanese page about the revival of MSX. Check it out with a translator.
MSX Soft Tips
MSX Startpagina
MSX links...
MSX Talk
Kinda webbased newsgroup about MSX.
MSX users list from all over the world
Check this out if you want to know all MSX users! ;-)
MSX World Net
Several useful info: MegaRAM, PC drive on MSX, ASCII C, and some more (in the future)
A big load of hints, tips, tricks and clues for MSX games, by Christiaan Honders (in Dutch and English) Startpage to the world of MSX
Kiwi's central MSX site, with quite some links, FUNet hardwarepictures thumbnails, hardwareinfo, MSX auction and more!
msxbr-l: Informaes:
Information about the Brazillian MSX Mailinglist.
Netscape Search - Computers > Hardware > Systems > MSX
Also a MSX directory at Netscape!
Newsgroup: comp.sys.msx
The MSX newsgroup
Open Directory - Computers: Hardware: Systems: MSX
Oingo - Meaning Based Search Technology
Quite funny description of my homepage, e.g.
Info about the MSX Phoenix mailinglist
Srinath MSX Links Home-Page
Even more links...
The MSX Resource Center
General MSX site with a lot of links and more information. Finally updated!
The Ultimate MSX FAQ - Main
Everyting you'd ever like to know about MSX!
The world of MSX
Including a futuristic MSX project...
tneve XSM Commitee homepage
(In Japanese!)
Ultimate ROM List
Yahoo! Computers and Internet:Hardware:Personal Computers:MSX

MSX Clubpages, magazines and BBS's

9D - La Novena Dimensio
Ashguine MSX-R Usergroup "Achtse Barrier"
Homepage of a user group seemingly focussing on Turbo R users. However, no real content yet...
BBS Roefsoft Home (OFFLINE?)
Homepage of this PC/MSX BBS
club Hnostar WWW
The first homepage of this Spanish MSX Club. Very nice! Just like their magazine! With a nice news-section
Club Mesxes
Homepage of this Spanish MSX-"Sect"
De Nederlandse MSX HomePage Van MSX - VEENDAM
Dune BBS
Forum MSX mag's home page
Homepage of this French MSX magazine (in French!)
Homepage of "Computer Gebruikers Vereniging"
Dutch page of the organisers of The International MSX Fair in Tilburg!
Homepage of MSX-club "De Amsterdammer (Dutch)"
LuzNET 2 BBS Homepage
MBT Homepage (MSX Brazillian Team)
Page of MSX Brazillian Team! Core of Brazillian MSX activities, probably!
Very nice page! Partly in English. Get MSX World Magazine in PDSF format!
MCCE Home page
Their very old site.
MCCM - Homepage
The homepage of the famous Dutch MSX magazine! Support after the last edition (#90 was the final one! :-() can be found here. (The page is in Dutch!)
MCCW - MSX Computer & Club Webmagazine
The continuation of MSX Computer & Club Magazine on the web!
Check it out!
MPCD Homepage
The new homepage of MSX/PC Club Drechtsteden
MSX Club Drechtsteden (MCD) Online
Page will soon disappear...
MSX Core Club homepage
Also in English! With Joynet, and lots of pics of Jau Fairs in Brasil!
MSX French Club
Homepage of this club (?) in French. Looks very nice!
Homepage of MSX Magazine. Also info about MSX Den-Yu Land!
In Japanese.
MSX Power Replay
Spanish page of MSX Club Power Replay (temp. URL!)
MSX-Info - TotallyChaosTeam-Hard-Software-Wireservice-BBS-Nieuws-Webring-Museum
Incuding MSX Info Blad information.
The Club of Programmer's Affair
Officile MSX-Club West-Friesland Home Page
Get a free subscription to their Dutch newsletter!
Pagina Entrada New M.B.C. (entrada)
MSX Boixos Club
Pyramide MSX BBS page
In Dutch and English
Soon on:
Syntax Home Page
Japanese page of this Japanese diskmagazine
The FutureDisk Homepage
The Homepage of this very nice Dutch diskmagazine!
The Second Foundation Homepage - MSX Support BBS
Spanish homepage of The 2nd Foundation and Club MSX Power Replay
XSW-Magazine's HomePage


No English? Seems to be mainly about emulation
Akop's World of Timeless Console Classics
Emulator page, with a MSX section (lots of games (from Komkon FTP))
AmiMSX2 support page of the AmiEmulators WEB
MSX(2)-Emulator for Amiga systems
BRMSX - The official site
The Brazillian MSX Emulator
Emuland:"El Mundo de los Emuladores"
Spanish emulation page
Very good Yamaha YM-2413 (OPLL) emulator. Check it out!
Emulcities (english version)
Yoyo's new page.
fMSX Distribution Site
FMsxShell Download Page
ISS'98 MSX Page (English)
With info on MSKISS MSX Emulator
Japanese Computer Emulation Centre
Including news about MSX emulators
Java MSXEmu
Another MSX Emulator
MAD Productions
Some MSX software to download
MSX Emulation by John Stiles
fMSX for Mac!
Emulators, disk images, ROM images...
MSX-Emulator Page (M.E.P.)
Contains about all MSX emulators!
No English...
A very simple MSX emulator for DOS.
paraMSX - Windows port of fMSX
Very good MSX emulator for Windows
PowerMSX emulator
Another emulator! (For DOS this time)
The Turbo R Emulator! (Formerly known as FreeMSX)
For a Swedish version of fMSX...
The fMSX Amiga Homepage
Complete page about fMSX 2 for Amiga, by Hans Guijt.
Tools for fMSX
Tunito's FastMSX
Strange page, not in English, but is about MSX, partly...

MSX Auction sites

eBay Deutschland - Suchergebnis MSX
Look for MSX items on Ebay Deutschland
Ebay Items matching MSX
Search for MSX items on international Ebay (USA, Australia, UK, more)
iBazar - N1 des enchres sur Internet
Search for yourself for MSX items... in French Ibazar - de veilingsite voor particulieren
Search for MSX items yourself in Dutch iBazar homepage @15:53:08 - Il N1 nelle aste on line
iBazar, o site de compra e venda lder no Brasil!
IBazar - Primer sitio de subastas en Internet
Lots of MSX goodies here! Resultaten voor MSX
Look for MSX items on, Dutch auction site - Powered By
The MSX specific auction site of
Yahoo-Japan MSX auctions...
Yahoo US - Search results for MSX
Not so many MSX items, but okay.

Misc. MSX (related) pages

Let me know if you think I put a wrong page in this folder...
(Or in any other folder as well)

פޤߥƥ !
Online Puyo Puyo "Find the different one"-game! Cool!
MP3's, Software, MSX Wallpapers, Photos, etc.
Adega do Klaus
No English?
See title? Mostly some games and links
Amikai Business Solutions - Welcome
Online translation site. Very useful to translate Japanese sites to English!
Art made with Designer Plus: Plaatjes
Codename GENOS
Page for Codename GENOS, an attempt to program an OS for all 8-bit machines, including MSX
Colossus Network
German MSX page (?)
Translate Japanese pages to English!
Engine Software
Former MSX-Engine! (They released DIX for PC!)
ExpoSALT - MSX Rio'99 Informe Oficial
There are also some photo's of this meeting. Text in Portuguese.
Try to search on MSX! You'll be surprised! (Dutch)
Translate Japanese Webpages to English!
GW's-Workshop Homepage
Nice page with some homemade software! Also available: the English documents necessary to build your Ese-SCC from old Konami ROMs
HCM: The Home Computer Museum ...
With some MSX computers as well!
Hydlide for Windows...
The classical T&E Soft RPG now also for Windows....
Icarus Productions - ZPC
Info about the Z80 Programming Contest
ISS'98 MSX Page (Castellano)
Jeukes Piepkes Homepage
Contains some MSX hints (MSX Pokes, Peeks & Truuks boek 5).
JSW Ultimate Fan Page
Fan page of Jet Set Willy/Manic Miner... A game also released for MSX... And quite famous!
King's Valley II for Windows - Main Page
Live365 - MSX Radio! - Snatcher, Metal Gear, Konami, Falcom, MicroCabin - its all h...
MSX Radio! This ROCKS! Try it out! (Thanks Omega!)
M.S.X. User's Page
Page of Sander Zuidema with some MSX musics
MSX - Realidade Desconhecida (Unknown Reality)
Page of some Brasilian MSX users (in Portuguese, use babelfish!)
MSX 4 Ever Home Page
A Brazillian MSX page (no English...)
Gamehints, -solves, -links, -news, etc.
MSX Austria
MSX Banzai! -The MSX Worshipping Shrine-
Photographs of a lot of MSX computers! (But not as many as on FUNet! ;-)
Also available on:
MSX BroadCastingStation [Makuta's MSX page]
MSX Computer Hobby Page
Short page?
MSX Disk Writer Homepage
MSX EPC Home Page
MSX Everyday
Nice big Brasilian page about MSX... everyday! In English!
MSX Gallery - Kang's Homepage
No English?
MSX Land
MSX Mania Brasil
No English...
MSX Tribute Page
Little page about MSX, with some softwares
MSX Web Ring
The temporary page.
Pictures, snaps, musics!
MSX World Expo '97 (English)
News! A fair in Japan!
No English, just Italian or something
MSX-LOK Home Page
In Japanese...
The Italian MSX page!
MSXnet ano II
No English... Another MSXNET???
MSXpr - Home Page
Looks nice. Now with English version.
Msx Willow Web Page
In French. Japan news in French, and some games.
Multivitaminas! - MSX
Brazillian page... Nice photographs!
New MSX Site Index Page
Okayu Kurabu 2
Some Japanese MSX site... Don't know exactly...
OmegaMSX's cam
Webcam of this MSX-freak! :-)
PenPage _ MSX section
Some info and a program to play PSG files on PC
POKE -1,170: The MSXWEB
Rarewhere: Retro Rare
Including some MSX games from Ultimate! (get retro!)
They sell some MSX carts, tapes and magazines! OLD.
RetroPlay MSX Page
Rise of the Penguin MSX Home Page
Alive and kicking!
Scrambled archives
MIDI music, MSX game reviews (e.g. MOONSOUND musics!)
Snout page!
Remember Snout? BCF!
SNOUT >>> Een olifant in een kast met strips en spellen. GEEN SCHAPEN!!
The Dutch Snout page!
Also a lot of nice MP3s of MSX music, including some cool remixes
The B.O.S.S.
Do you remember this guy? He now made a launcher for fMSX-DOS.
The homepage of the amazing Snout!!!
Another Snout page! Fun!
The MSX Files
Now with English!
Version 1.0, by SLotman.
The Museum of Dead, Gone and Obsolete Computers - Main Menu
With an MSX section, full of MSX pictures!
The offizial MSX Home Page in Switzerland
Including links to Sunrise (for MSX), MSX-FUN Club and the X-TAZY homepage
Thomas Scherrer Z80-Family Official Support Page
Tilburg '99 Pictures by Remco!
(I'm on some of them too.. And one might be above Frank Druijff's bed...!)
Puyo Puyo Flash
Puyo Puyo Flash! Play Puyo Puyo online! This really RULES!
(Flash required of course!)
Yahoo MSX Club
Hmmm, does it work?
The New MSX
Discussion forum about this topic
Z380-based Computer System: Schematic and Board Layout
He's gonna try it with an MSX!

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