MSX fair Nijmegen 2018

Fair date: Saturday, February 3rd

Hi! Welcome to the homepage of the 13th MSX fair in Nijmegen! The MSX fair in Nijmegen is the newest (and by now the only) regular Dutch MSX fair, meant to be the successor of the MSX fair in Oss, which was also held in January (in 2005 for the last time). This fair is organised by myself. I hope it is a worthy replacement for Oss.

2018's fair will be held on Saturday the 3rd of February. The venue is to be decided, as we are not allowed to use the venue of last years. It opens for visitors at 10am (but you are welcome to come earlier to help setting up the room!). At 5.00pm the room should be completely empty again.


Due to budget cuts in the municipality of Nijmegen, Wijkcentrum Hatert, in which the first 11 fairs were organized, is no longer available. The alternative they offered for 2017 was Wijkcentrum Dukenburg, but also that venue is not available anymore. Soon more information about this!

After fair dinner

After the fair, we are planning to have dinner with the remaining visitors. For the caterer it is good to know how many people to expect, so please let me know if you want to join on eforehand. Please do not use the registration form for this, but just send me an e-mail. The form is only meant for people who want to register a booth.


As of 2016 you can also sponsor the fair. This means that you can contribute to pay the price of the venue. There is no other way the money will be spent and there is no other advantage on sponsoring. But it may keep organizing the fair possible for reasonable table prices.

If you want to sponsor the fair, please check out the information on the registration form when it is available, or if you don't want to wait for that, contact me.

For all previous and current sponsors: thank you very much, also on behalf of the people who registered booths and all visitors!


Additional information:


2017-11-15 - Announcement

Announcement of the 2018 fair. Website updated.

Registration forms will be made available approximately two months before the fair.

This announcement is coming again later than what you are used to from previous years. This was due to the message from the municipality of Nijmegen that it is not possible anymore to use any community center in Nijmegen for the MSX fair, as they do not allow any kind of sales during activities in the community centers.

Currently we are looking at alternatives and we have 2 good options. Definitive venue choice will be made a.s.a.p. and I'll update this website when it is clear.

I hope to welcome you all at this new venue on 3 February 2018!

Participants list

Registration form

This is not available yet.


Nijmegen is located in the middle-east (!) of the Netherlands, not too far from Oss, where a similar fair was held before 2006. It can be reached easily as well by car as by train. If you come by train, you should count on a bus trip through Nijmegen of about 20 minutes.

The address:

To be announced!

Fair guidelines

BOOTH SETUP AND TEARING DOWN On the day of the fair, you can start putting up your booth between 9 and 10am. Because of the expected "rush" and limited parking facilities I advise you to come as early as possible. If you need help getting all your stuff in the room, feel free to ask the organisation for help. You have to have your booth torn down at 5pm at the latest as the room has to be utterly clean at that time.

NO SMOKING You are not allowed to smoke in the building! The ones of you who can't get through the day without their nicotine shot (;p) can have a smoke outside the building.

SOUND As used to be in Bussum, also I would like to have a cosy fair where the old atmosphere of different booths competing for the best sound installation will return a little :). However, in case you intend to bring audio equipment with you, please let us know in advance for the planning, and keep it civilised. If the organisation asks you to lower your volume, be so kind to comply. Place speakers as much as possible behind the booth.

FOOD AND DRINKS In our venue it is prohibited to bring your own food and drinks. This is quite fair, as the price for the venue is low, so this is how they make some money. Please stick to this rule to prevent problems with the patron.

Contact information

Manuel Bilderbeek
Phone: +31-24-3238923

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