MSX fair Nijmegen 2016

Fair date: Saturday, January 23rd

Hi! Welcome to the homepage of the eleventh MSX fair in Nijmegen! The MSX fair in Nijmegen is the newest (and by now the only) regular Dutch MSX fair, meant to be the successor of the MSX fair in Oss, which was also held in January (in 2005 for the last time). This fair is organised by myself. I hope it is a worthy replacement for Oss.

2016's fair will be held on Saturday the 23rd of January. The location is the big room (B7) of Wijkcentrum (community centre) Hatert in Nijmegen and it opens for visitors at 10am (but you can come earlier to help setting up the room!). At 5.00pm the room should be completely empty again. After this, we are planning to go out for dinner with the remaining visitors to a Chinese restaurant. Please note: in 2008 the restaurant was so crowded, that I will really need to have a list of participants on before hand! People who are on the registration list for the dinner will have precedence. The limit is 35 persons. So, if you want to join the dinner, be sure to let me know! See also below.

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2016-01-21 - Last updates

Registration has been closed.

2015-11-23 - Online registration form

This is not available anymore, because the registration is closed.

2015-09-17 - Announcement

Announcement of the 2016 fair. Website updated.

Registration forms will be made available approximately two months before the fair.

Please note that due to 2008's experience with the dinner in the Chinese restaurant, I am going to have to limit the number of participants for the after-fair dinner! If you want to join the dinner, let me know and I'll put you on the list. The maximum is 35 persons and people on the list take precedence of course. Please do not use the registration form for this, but just send me an e-mail. The form is only meant for actual booth holders.

A new thing this year: you can also sponsor the fair. This means that you can contribute to pay the price of the venue. There is no other way the money will be spent and there is no other advantage on sponsoring. But it may keep organizing the fair possible for reasonable table prices. For the first 10 fairs I was able to keep the price per table 7 euros, but due to excessive price increases (more than doubled compared to 2006), I'll have to increase the table price to 7.50 euros now... Thanks to several people who sponsored the fair of 2015, the net table price was reduced to less than 5 euros!

If you want to sponsor the fair, please check out the information on the registration form when it is available, or if you don't want to wait for that, contact me.

Participants list

openMSX Team #
Demonstration of the current development version of openMSX, all Laserdisc games, the latest developments and the debugger GUI. Also we'll be showing openMSX running on several devices, like Android devices and the GCW Zero.
Laurens Holst #
Demonstration of VGMPlay on several sound chips, including the Yamaha SFG-05. Also demos of Gunzip, Glass and Synthesix and sale of some MSX items.
The New Image #
Demonstration of pseudoMSX, GEM, MoonSound Music Studio and other TNI software.
SymbOS #
Demonstration of network support (running multiple SymbOS workstations on the network, network console tools, chat possibilities and Battleship network gaming), advanced desktop which will introduce multiple new features (desktop widgets, flexible start (sub)menu and desktop icons, right-click menu, configuration wizards, taskbar icons), lots of other new improvements, like unzipper, HTML based help browser, updated SymShell, etc., demonstration of Unify IDE and applications.
Bas & Ditta #
Repairs, expansions, cables, parts, buy and sale of second hand MSX hardware.
Bitwise #
Sale of MSX scene games on cartridge.
Meteor-M #
Procyon HDMI/multimedia card interactive demo/plugfest. Bring your MSX cartridges and hardware to try it in the Procyon!
Demo of SofaRun 2.3 and demo of PiLD-700 (Laserdisc emulation on Raspberry Pi), on a Palcom PX-V60.
MSX Vriendenclub Mariƫnberg #
Promotion of MSX Vriendenclub Mariƫnberg.
Demonstration and explanation of MSX and peripherals.
Demonstration of the new MIDI-PAC capabilities and presentation of progress on the Orbit project.
Richard & Raymond
Various MSX stuff: sale of CLS and MSX equipment.
MSX Club West-Friesland #
Promotion of MSX by buying and selling books, magazines, software and hardware.
Nowind #
Nowind and electronics related projects.
SuperSoniqs #
Sale and demonstration of SuperSoniqs MSX products.
RBSC (Russian Bear Service Crew) #
Demonstration of Carnivore SCC MultiFlashROM cartridge, our new FDD/IDE controller board, the F4/FMPAC internal board (and some of these will be for sale), Zefisha - RGBS to S-Video/Composite converter and some other hardware demonstrations (cartridge boards, extension boards, etc.). Demonstration of Caslink and MSX Link if there is interest.

This list is final.

Registration form

This is not available anymore, because the registration is closed.


Nijmegen is located in the middle-east (!) of the Netherlands, not too far from Oss, where a similar fair was held in the previous years. It can be reached easily as well by car as by train. If you come by train, you should count on a bus trip in Nijmegen of about 20 minutes. Below you can read a description how to get to the location of the MSX fair Nijmegen's location, including some maps with route indication to help you further.

The address:

Wijkcentrum Hatert
Couwenbergstraat 22
6535 RZ Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Wijkcentrum Hatert
Photo: Wil Gipman 16-03-2013

And here is an interactive map to see where this is:

View Larger Map

Route description

By car

Nijmegen can be reached easiest via the A73, which is located to the West of Nijmegen. It can be reached from the North via the A50 and from the West via the A50/A326. On the A73, take the "Nijmegen-Dukenburg" exit and keep driving straight ahead until you reach the traffic lights after you crossed the Maas-Waalcanal. There, turn right, going past "Winkelhart Hatert". After about 300 metres you can see the venue on the left.

If you travel from the North, you can make a detour via the A15/A50/A73 and follow the description above. If you don't mind to drive through the city centre of Nijmegen, you can enter Nijmegen via the A325. Keep driving straight ahead (or just don't make sharp turns), until you get on the famous Keizer-Karel roundabout. It has about 6 exits; take the one that goes to Malden. This is the St-Annastraat. After about 1500 metres you should turn right to the Hatertseweg just before the second traffic lights after the Texaco. This road makes directly a sharp turn to the left, having a Univé building at the left and the Sint-Anna Mill on the right. Stay on this road until you are at the last traffic lights before the bridge over the Maas-Waal canal. There, turn left, going behind "Winkelhart Hatert". After about 300 metres you can see the venue on the left.

By train

Travel to station Nijmegen. Go to the bus station which is on your left side when you leave the train station. Several buses stop near Wijkcentrum Hatert. It is close to shopping centre Hatert (Winkelcentrum Hatert), so it's useful to ask the bus driver to warn you when the bus stops there. From shopping centre Hatert, walk to the South-East, past the shopping centre and the parking lot, after which you'll find Wijkcentrum Hatert on your left side after 300 metres.


The blue line indicates how to drive through Nijmegen when you get by car. The top image is for people who come from the West or the South, or from the North and want to avoid the city centre. The bottom image is for those who come from the North and want to go through the city centre. The maps are made with The central station is indicated with the letters NS.

Via the A73

Via the A325

Fair guidelines

BOOTH SETUP AND TEARING DOWN On the day of the fair, you can start putting up your booth between 9 and 10am. Because of the expected "rush" and limited parking facilities I advise you to come as early as possible. If you need help getting all your stuff in the room, feel free to ask the organisation for help. You have to have your booth torn down at 5pm at the latest as the room has to be utterly clean at that time.

NO SMOKING You are not allowed to smoke in the rooms or in the corridor! The ones of you who can't get through the day without their nicotine shot (;p) can have a smoke in the designated room or outside the building.

SOUND As in Bussum, also I would like to have a cosy fair where the old atmosphere of different booths competing for the best sound installation will return a little :). However, in case you intend to bring audio equipment with you, please let us know in advance for the planning, and keep it civilised. If the organisation asks you to lower your volume, be so kind to comply. Place speakers as much as possible behind the booth.

DRINKS One of the house rules of the community center is that it is prohibited to bring your own drinks. This is quite fair, as the drinks which are sold in the building are very affordable (about 1 euro a piece). Please stick to this rule to prevent problems with the patron.

Contact information

Manuel Bilderbeek
Phone: +31-24-3238923

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