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If you have any comments or hints regarding this page, please contact me! No matter what: let me know what you think of this page!

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For discussion, you can also find me on the IRC network, on the Undernet part. Servers are e.g., or I'm on the channel #msx then.

If you don't know what MSX is, look at my MSX page for info/details/faq, etc...

This site is updated whenever needed. That's because I think a site is never finished: I keep it improving whenever I think that's necessary. Especially The Ultimate MSX FAQ is updated quite often. On the other hand: I have to admit that the rest of the pages aren't updated that often. Better said: they are hardly ever updated, except for the Collection and For Sale/Trade page on the MSX portion of the site. If there's something interesting to add, I will, though. This just doesn't happen that often.

Some people complain that this page doesn't have that much of graphics (like pictures and incredible backgrounds etc.). They're right, but I can't help it: I have quite limited disk space for this page, so there isn't much room for a lot of graphical data... Sorry!

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