HAL ROM list version 0.20

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Last updated on 10 February 2007

HM-001 Step Up
HM-002 Fruit(s) Search [front/cart]
HM-003 Dragon Attack [front/cart/manual]
HM-004 Picture Puzzle [front/cart]
HM-005 Super Snake [front]
HM-006 Space Maze Attack [front/cart/manual]
HM-007 Pig Mock / Butamaru and Pants [cart]
HM-008 Heavy Boxing
HM-010 Super Billiards [cart]
HM-011 Music Editor MUE [front/back/cart]
HM-012 Mr Chin [front(JP)/back(JP)/cart(JP)/front/back/cart(EU?)] / Mr Ching [front/cart/manual]
HM-013 Space Trouble [front/cart/manual]
HM-014 EDDY II [cart/manual]
HM-015 Rollerball [front(JP)/back(JP)/cart]
HM-016 Hole in One [/back]
HM-017 Tetsuman (Mahjong?)
HM-018 Eggerland Mystery [front]
HM-019 Hole in One Professional [front(EU)/cart(EU)/manual(JP)/cart(JP)]
HM-021 Dunkshot [front]
HM-022 Hole in One Special
HM-023 Eggerland 2 / Meikyushinwa [front/cart]
HM-024 Inspecteur Z / Bull and Mighty's Slim Chance (Japanese)
HM-025 The Roving Planet Styllus [front/cart/manual] / Planete Mobile
HM-026 Zukkoke Yajikita Onmitsudoutyuu
HM-028 Ninja Kun
HM-029 Pachipro Densetsu
HM-101 Balance (French: Calcul)
HM-103 Inside of the Karamaru
HM-104 Custar
HM-??? Oyoide Tango
HM-??? Number of Balin
HM-??? Eight Battlefields
HM-??? Dragon
HM-??? Animation Editor EDDY
HNS-100 Halnote
HNS-101 ?
HNS-102 ?
HNS-103 Gcard
HNS-104 Gcalc
HNS-1?? Gterm
?? Naoko's Writing
?? Lab Letter
?? Lab Letter 2
?? What Many Princess
?? HAL Game Collection Vol.1
?? HAL Game Collection Vol.2
?? Handy Scanner
?? Lab Letter 3
European games released by HAL/Romox:
SR-001? Piromane/Pyro-man
SR-002 Kick It
SR-003 Snake It
SR-004? Who Dares Wins II
SR-005? Rocket Roger